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HD FPV Systems (DJI, HDZero, Walksnail, Avatar, Orqa FPV.Digital)

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TrueRC X-Air 5.8 Mk II Pair for HDZero Goggles - Rhcp

Which FPV System Should You Buy in 2024? Analog, DJI, HDZero, Walksnail Avatar - Oscar Liang

The new TrueRC X2-Air MKII 5.8GHz Receiver Antenna Pair for HDZero VRX4 - RHCP has more gain and more convenience! This is the adaptation of the all mighty X²-AIR into a slick low profile face mount for the HDzero VRX4 module. Simply slide on the antennas on the module’s rails and screw on the custom knurled SMA connectors. Improved 13dBic gain and massive combined beam width of 165deg, yield an amazing flight experience in the toughest conditions.

TrueRC X²-Air 5.8 Mk II Pair for HDZero VRX4 Rhcp

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FPV Equipment and immersion flight

Is this the best Digital FPV System? Walksnail Avatar V2 is here!

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